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Our group has been at the front of implementing low input transcriptomics for human cardiac tissues. We continue to employ and adapt low input technologies for spatial resolution of molecular events, epigenomic regulation, and gene expression both in human tissues and in model systems. We are particularly interested in changes associated with preclinical disease onset, attempting to identify genes and pathways which may be primed for therapeutic use to prevent the onset of disease.

These endeavors lie upon foundations in laboratory and computational space, where collaborative nature of team members in each arena think creatively to best understand what the data mean. Need help with your single cell experiment? We are always open to advisory or collaborative roles, so please don't hesitate to reach out.

Recent publications:

  • Tucker NR, Chaffin M, et al. Transcriptional and Cellular Diversity of the Human Heart. Circulation (2020) PMID: 32403949

  • Tucker NR, Chaffin M, et al. Myocyte-Specific Upregulation of ACE2 in Cardiovascular Disease: Implications for SARS-CoV-2-Mediated Myocarditis. Circulation (2020) PMID: 32795091

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